I lead groups on meditation and self-inquiry that blend the teachings of Zen and Advaita (Nonduality) with western psychology. I offer these groups with the encouragement of my teacher, John Prendergast.

The purpose of the groups is to help support participants awakening to their true nature as awareness. The recognition of ourselves as awareness, rather than as a limited self-image, allows for an experience of greater wisdom, love, and intimacy with life. It also opens up the possibility of a deeper and more authentic way of being. Paradoxically, while the awareness that we find is universal and unchanging, its embodiment and expression through each one of us is unique and spontaneous.

Participation in this group requires no meditation experience or belief in a philosophy or system of any kind. What is important is participants genuine interest and a willingness to share. The groups are intimate and consist of no more than 8 members at any time.

In the groups, we learn to:

  • Explore unconditioned awareness and ways of accessing it directly
  • Engage with methods such as meditation, contemplative inquiry, body-sensing, and deconstruction of negative core beliefs
  • Experience a safe space in which to learn, dialogue, and open to our inherent wisdom, love, and strength.
  • Discover how awareness naturally expresses itself through each of us, moment to moment
  • Practice within a community in a way that promotes a sense of connection and well-being


To find out more about these groups, please contact me directly.

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